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Wedding Service Policies: 

It is expected that the Pastor of American Lutheran will preform the service.  Other family members, friends, and clergy are welcome to participate in the service as well with the guidance of American Lutheran’s Pastor.

Couples may request that the music director of American accompany and coordinate the music for the service.

Our Sanctuary has TVs that can be used to enhance the ceremony, recording capabilities, streaming capabilities and our technician may be requested for the service.

Bulletins, unity candles, decorations and flowers are the responsibility of the wedding couple.

It is the hope of this church that couples will have great photos of their wedding, while also respecting the worship service. Flash photos are allowed during the processional or recessional.  No flash photos are allowed during the service.


 Video cameras may be used if they are used unobtrusively.  Cameras may be used unobtrusively without a flash during the ceremony.  If a photo is not easily captured during the worship service, the church will be available to stage the picture before or after the ceremony.

Bubbles may be used outside the building.  We ask that birdseed and rice not be used for safety reasons.

Please bring the marriage license to the pastor on the day of the rehearsal.

Fees:  Please Contact us for costs using the contact us at the bottom of this page.

A church wedding is first and foremost a worship service, which proclaims that it is God who calls a couple together in marriage. Recognizing that God has given us the gift of marriage gives us a clearer vision of what a Christian marriage should be. It is hoped that this policy will help establish some guidelines that will be helpful to those joining hands in marriage.

Pre-marriage Counseling and Wedding planning:

Couples are expected to participate in pre-marriage counseling as it is beneficial in helping to begin a healthy marriage.  Couples can either attend pre-marriage counseling with the pastor or attend a Lutheran Engaged Encounter Retreat in Omaha.

Arrange time and date for the wedding with the pastor at least two months in advance

Couples that meet with the pastor will complete the Prepare/Enrich program.  There is a one time fee of $35.00 to pay for the pre-marriage inventory that the program utilizes.  Checks for this inventory should be made payable to “Life Innovations,” the company that has designed this counseling program.

Couples completing Prepare/Enrich counseling should make plans to meet with the Pastor four times before the wedding.  Couples participating in the retreat should plan to meet with the pastor at least once before the wedding.


 Additional communication can occur through phone conversations and email or other meetings as needed. 


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