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youth group:
junior high + high school


Council Representative: Paul Welsh



The eleven youth and two sponsors went to Houston June 27 -July 1, 2018 for the National Youth Gathering.  Pictures above show the fun and activities that they were involved in.

Youth Group will meet on the first and third Wednesdays of the month starting September 4th at 8:00pm.  


For more information about their yearly gatherings--access their website:






meeting: varied weekends/ evenings


Contact/ Representative:

Sheila Burdock





"We've been blessed to have a place to meet at American Lutheran for over 8 years now. We meet together in either the Sunday school room or the Parish Hall--depending on how many come for the weekend. We always have fun and enjoy looking at the work we've accomplished over the years. Cost is very low as we like to donate this to the church. Please feel free to email me with any questions. Some ladies come and work on various projects that are not scrapbooks as a way to fellowship and room to work on." ~Sheila


American Lutheran Church has a total of 8 different committees. The Chair of each committee is responsible for submitting their report to the Administrative Assistant each month. Our committees are a great way to get involved, become active with other members and make a contribution.


Finance Committee

Chair: Patrick Linke


Outreach Committee

Chair: Dave Dermann


Parish Education Committee

Chair: Brenda Spilker


Property Committee

Chair: Jana Spilker


Social Concerns Committee

Chair: Holly Barrett


Stewardship Committee

Chair: Colin Wiggins


Worship Committee

Chair: Dee Farrall


Youth Committee

Chair: Paul Welsh



Executive Committee:


Bernice Westerholt, Executive President


Sam Sharpe, Vice President


Mavis Seelmeyer, Secretary


Nancy Gregory, Treasurer



martha circle

meeting: 2nd Wednesday of the month

9:30 a.m.


contact/ Representative:

Gert Remmers


phone: 402-464-1441

Martha Circle is the Adult Women's Group at American Lutheran Church. If you want to get connected and be a part of a lively crowd who do many charity causes--then this is the group for you. This group helps and assists with funerals, kitchen clean-up, etc.





women's quilting

meeting: wednesday mornings

(3rd Wednesday of each month)


Contact/ Representative:

Gert Remmers


phone: 402-464-1441


Our ladies of American Lutheran Church who quilt come together once a month for quilt production. Did you know that they make over 100 quilts each year? Many are donated to those in need; with partial donations going to the Lutheran World Relief  (

Because our Women's Quilting Group produces over 100 quilts each year, they are all the same size. Each high school graduate from American Lutheran also receives a quilt at the end of their Senior year. If you have quilting skills & want to join this creative bunch, be sure to give Gert a call.

November 2015: Twenty-five quilts were made and shipped to countries around the world.

guitar thing


If you have a guitar and want to learn to play, once a month or so a group of guitarists gather to learn and play. This is really geared toward the beginner or non-player, so everyone is welcome! Join us the second Monday of every month at 6:00pm.


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