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American Lutheran Church

Lincoln, Nebraska


The first congregation of the American Lutheran Church was founded on Palm Sunday, March 30th, 1932 at 2 p.m. with a service in the Epworth Methodist Church on 30th & Holdrege in Lincoln, Nebraska. The congregation resulting was officially organized at a general meeting on May 15, 1932, as a mission congregation under the leadership of Pastor A.C. Huth.


From 1932-35, it was essentially considered a "homeless" mission. Services were initially held at Epworth Methodist Church for 2 months, Hartley Elementary for 4 months, and finally at Richard's Hall [840 North 27th Street] in an "upper room" above Crouch's Garage, next door to a fire station.


The first church building was built in 1935 at 24th and U Streets. The Chapel was enlarged in 1941 due to a growing congregation. Pastor Clarence Hinkhouse served the congregation through its first decade from 1935-1944.


Pastor Earnest Stolz served the congregation from 1945-1952.


Still growing in the early 1950's, another expansion was planned. In 1953, the Chapel was once again enlarged and the altar area remodeled. The first electric organ was purchased at this time also. During these years in the history of American Lutheran, Pastor Elmer Beckman served the congregation during the final expansion at this site. Pastor Orville Lehman served the congregation during much of the planning of the future site at 4200 Vine Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.


The first unit of long range building was completed in 1962 at 4200 Vine Street. It consisted of a sanctuary, choir balcony, classrooms, offices and basement furnace room. Pastor Alvin Rueter served the congregation during the move to Vine Street.


The second unit was completed in 1968. This unit consisted of an adjoining educational wing, fellowship hall, and kitchen. Pastor Wayne Bunn served the congregation during this phase of construction.


Other Pastors serving over the following 2 decades were Pastor Allan Sortland, Pastor Gerald Lundby and Pastor Joe Marek.


The final unit of the original long range plan, now called Phase III., was completed in 1998. This renovation extended the Chancel toward Vine Street, remodeled and updated the Sanctuary and Altar areas, extended the balcony, added a larger Narthex, nursery, new offices/ meeting rooms, and bell tower. Pastor Scott Larson served the congregation during the planning and construction of Phase III. Pastor Tim Wiggins served the congregation from 2001-2004. Pastor Henry Thorberg served the congreation from 2004 until his retirement in December of 2016. 

 John Sievers served as the congregations transitional pastor from January 2017 to August 2018.

Pastor Carla Johnsen was installed as the church's new pastor on August 26, 2018. 




About our Brand:
creation of our Social Media Logos




confirmation class of 1939



from front to back:

Maxine V. Bruns, Doris A. Diedricks, Jean L. Quapp,

Nettie L. Vanhoutan, Lansing D. Gabel, Wallace E. Helmstadter

Harold E. Volkar, Dean H. Walker, Pastor Hinkhouse


I am the vine and you are the branches.
Those who remain in me and I in them will
bear much fruit. ~John 15:5





Special Services
Throughout Lenten Season, Holy Week, and Christmas there are special services. Please watch our Facebook and Twitter accounts--as we post these events. Some will have two different times to worship throughout the day: 4 & 7:00 pm. We also have advertising posters throughout the church & on our doors of the upcoming events. The public is always invited to attend.
Christmas Eve Candlelight service engages the entire congregation. Each person will be able to light a candle during the evening. Our Easter Sunrise Service is hosted by our Youth with a breakfast that follows.


When you come to visit American Lutheran you will find that one of our main features throughout the sanctuary and parlor is our stained glass. Several beautiful pieces can be found with a Christian theme.
The birth of our branding/ social media logos were created from our stained glass. Our advertising postcards feature the stained glass piece  of the cross--which faces the sanctuary as each individual prays. The backside of the postcard features the close-up of our stained glass of the LAST SUPPER.
Our social media profiles on Twitter, ABOUT.ME, and Facebook are hybrids which feature our stained glass, combined with typography. However, nothing can compare to the beauty of the real art itself. We hope you will join us in service so you can see the craftsmanship of the artisans who made them, and be ALIVE IN GOD'S LOVE...


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