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What to Expect

While everyone's worship experience is different, everyone who visits American Lutheran will be treated with hospitality and welcome!​

Please feel free to dress as you'd like. Jeans, T-shirts and casual clothes are welcome. Dress clothes are welcome too. Please come in whatever is comfortable for you!

Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Tea are available before and after worship. Come enjoy a cup while visiting with those around you.

Holy Communion is OPEN to ALL who believe that this meal is given to us by Jesus for the forgiveness of sin and strength for the days to come.

Children are WELCOME! There is a children's sermon every Sunday for Children to participate in. We have a nursery right by the sanctuary for parents who want to participate and let their children play.


We expect children to be wiggly, noisy and full of energy! We believe it takes a "village" and we'd be happy to help and share in your growing family!

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