Sunday School

Spread Kindness Like Confetti

Sunday School is open to any child from Kindergarten to 6th grade.

We meet every Sunday at 9:30am

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Sunday School Zoom

Join us Tuesdays at 3PM by Zoom to learn about God's Love and Have fun Making Crafts!

Next Meeting is April 7th at 3PM. Check back for more details!

March 31st 3pm


-- green construction paper (if you don't have any, just color a white paper green)

-- tape

-- scissors

-- a pencil or straw


Preschoolers and Kindergartners, if you have your Read and Share Bible that I gave you for Christmas bring that to read along.  All others, I encourage you to use your devotion booklet that I gave you for Christmas each day.  Our family does these devotions together, usually while eating breakfast and only takes a few minutes.


If you have a printer at home, I am attaching a few documents.  One is a Palm Sunday craft that you can opt to do with us.  The others are cards that I have made--you can print these out, color them, and send them to people to cheer up their day.  See you all Tuesday!


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​Sunday: 8am - 1pm

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We want to be here for you! If you have questions, comments or prayer requests we'd love to hear from you.